The new home of Creative Doormats.

The new home of Creative Doormats.


The World Pin Map is a high-quality framed print on a corrugated backing, enabling you to use push pins to make it your own personal travel story in hard copy, making it the perfect conversation starter in any home.

With everything going digital nowadays, we pushed the rewind button to make sure your travel experiences not only live in the cloud, but become part of your home decor. These Pin Maps are a must have for every living room and study. The World Pin Map comes in a full colour and vintage option, complementing any style.

Pin your past trips to make sure those memories never fade away, map out your next trip or use it as a reminder that there are still dozens more countries to visit.

- World Pin Map with dimensions: 983mm x 633mm
- 25 red pins
- Picture hook adjustable

Southern Africa and Cape Winelands Maps coming soon...